An eventful week

Crikey, a lot has happened since I put finger to keyboard in a meaningful manner.

It all started with a day of projectile vomiting from Fifi really. And things went on from there. Fifi will be two in January and she’s working hard on getting to the terrible twos early. This involves a lot of tucking her hands under her armpits when she doesn’t want you to hold her hand or go somewhere; it also involves a lot of bottom lip pouting action and finally quite a bit of random acts of aggression- on being told she couldn’t have a biscuit the other day she stormed off into the sitting room and began throwing toys around. This is completely unlike her mother, who is such a sweet natured temperate sort of person, I’m beginning to think the anger gene might be recessive.

On the other hand, after a couple of weeks of truly terrible speech therapy, the boy has suddenly come on in leaps and bounds. His vocabulary has increased markedly, his concentration likewise and his general attitude is quite different. All in the space of about 4 days. If he was a character in a computer game, I’d say he’d levelled up. I’m fairly sure it’s not just us either as other people have noted it. Even the speech therapist was amazed on Friday when he came in, sat down, and did 5 worksheets straight off with no fuss whatsoever.

As for us, we’re drifting along from exhausted state to even more exhausted state. Fifi is teething a bit for her last few teeth and we’ve had a couple of late nights recently ourselves that haven’t helped. Typically Fifi slept in quite late yesterday when the boy was up at 6ish. I don’t know how they know, they just do.