Review: Cebeebies Song Time (is the Bane of my Office)

With a couple of notable vehicular exceptions in Thomas and Roary, the BBC has absolutely all the great children’s telly theme tunes at the moment. Of course none of them compare to the incomparable Jamie and the Magic Torch but things were just better when we were kids.

Cebeebies Song Time has two CD’s packed with 50 really catchy tunes you will find yourself humming. It’s a double edged sword really: the kids get to boogie to their favourite catchy theme tunes and you don’t have to sit through the actual show that you’re bound to have seen a dozen times because even with series like Teletubbies, where they’ve made over 300 episodes, they only seem to show the same ten shows on constant repeat. On the other hand, you will, I absolutely guarantee, find yourself wandering around the office humming “What’s the story in Balamory?” or “3rd and Bird”. In fact I reckon if he were still alive, Jonny Cash could do an awesome country version of 64 Zoo Lane. Shame, that’s one we’ll all miss out on.

Anyway, Cebeebies Song Time is out now to buy from all reputable retailers, including Amazon, for a more than reasonable £9. Go on, you’re kids will love it and you’ll drive your work colleagues up the wall.