In the middle of the night as I was attempting to top up my sleep bank in preparation for our works Christmas party, the Boy decided he felt unwell. I was unaware of this until Wifey bought him into bed with us and he informed me he had a tummy ache. Poor mite, and I felt sorry for him too.

He eventually went to sleep not quite far enough into the middle of the bed to make it comfy for me and I lay there for a couple of hours, trying not to cough and wake everyone up.

Sometimes I think we’re cursed on the activity front: whenever we have arranged to go out for dinner or have something booked like a course or a book group evening, someone is always ill. I suppose it’s inevitable with small children since they are the cause of most of the germs in the world. if world war 3 is a biological weapon war, the only things left at the end apart from cockroaches will be the parents of small children and primary school teachers. That’s not much of a future.