The last line of defence: wobbly limbs

You can tell when your child reaches a certain age, they develop the ability to drop their shoulders when you pick them up, making it much much harder to carry them when they don’t want to be carried.

This is however merely a prelude to what comes next, namely the wobbly limbs. The boy has now perfected this dark art: when you want him to come and get his shoes on or we’ll be late for the child minder, he loses the ability to stand up. This is one better than Fifi, who is still at the lock your arms rigid and fight stage because she eventually tires. No, the Boy has discovered the Hippy protest manoeuvre 40 something years after the long haired unwashed started their passive sit ins. It’s doubly hard when he’s stripped himself down to his pants and climbed under the dining room table beforehand too.

It takes no energy on his part and short of threats, I can’t suss out how to beat him on it- any suggestions?