On Saturday I mentioned on Twitter, “Being a parent seems to involve being repeated hit on the head in many many different ways.” There was some considerable sympathy on this and I thought I would expand on it a bit.

Wifey has been accused by her mum of having a heavy head when she was a child. This seems to be something both the Boy and Fifi have inherited in that they both seem to have very hard heads. For example, when he was a nipper, the Boy used to show affection by head butting  both of us vigorously. It never seemed to hurt him but on the odd occasion I saw stars and he nearly broke Wifey’s nose on more than once.

The nutting has fortunately stopped but I still seem to get hit on the head more than I should really. Often there is a stray punch, a blow from Dolly, something like that. Occasionally though it’s something a bit more radical. It came to a head (hahahaha) yesterday when we were playing a bit of gentle rough and tumble. The Boy decided to try and poke his finger in my tummy button and while he was distracting me, Fifi decided to creep up behind me and club me over the back of the head with Jupiter the Fire Engine. Note to self, ensure garden is entirely free from half bricks come the summer. She was in a right strop when Wifey took her off to the naughty step and I can still feel the bump.