And I won’t love you any more!

We are currently at the zoo, now split into two parties since the incident. The incident happened about 15 minutes ago in the cafe and the boy is now learning to deal with the repercussions of his tantrum.

Indulged with a slice of chocolate cake because he fell over and skinned his knee, he decided he didn’t want it because Fifi had a penguin biscuit. Rather than pushing the plate aside, he planted his fist squarely in the cake and flattened it. And then started thrashing around when I took him outside to calm down. A couple off attempted bites later, I decided the best way to punish him would be an hour in the car with me while everyone else went round the zoo.

He doesn’t love me any more and will never love me, he hates me, he will pack his things up and runaway when we get home and he will shout at me forever. He is cross with me because I am a naughty daddy.

It’s only his second week at nursery and I’m sure that it’s at the root of all these sudden tantrums but I suppose we have to be firm with him.

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