I think we might want a cat-help!

It’s just over a year since Fifi and the boy have had regular cat time. The lovely childminder that Fifi spends two days a week at (and the boy a day) has two cats. Fifi has a natural affinity with them, and on occasion has been followed home by at least one of them. In fact we’ve even had to ferret one out from under her cot on occasion.

So it’s a given that she would absolutely love a pet cat, but increasingly we’ve been wondering if the boy might like one too. He’s always ambivilent with anything that isn’t i) a new DVD or ii) something to dress up in but after we went for a walk round the RSPCA shelter, he was very taken with the idea.

choice reading material

So taken in fact he went home and built his cat a little bed next to his. It had a couple of blankets to keep that cat comfy and a selection of jumpers so it could wrap up warm in the night, as well as selected reading material. He really seems to have warmed to the idea and we think it might help his frustration that he’s finding at school due to his speech impediment.

Although he is a very very strong lad, he can also be surprisingly gentle and delicate when he wants to be, we saw this with his cousin over the weekend. She’s well under a year old but the cuddle he gave her and the stroking was incredibly careful.

I’ve always harboured the desire to own a cat but only in the abstract, “wouldn’t it be nice” sort of way that you harbour interests about a lot of things. Are there any cat owners out there that have an opinion on the whole cat subject? I don’t even know the running costs of a cat- food, insurance etc, or whether having a cat flap is an absolute necessity. I am indeed a cat neophyte.