If you go down to the woods today…

… you might get run over by three morons on dirt bikes. I used to walk these woods when I was younger, you’re not even supposed to cycle on a lot of them. Pedal bikes are allowed on bridle ways but not public footpaths. This was the second pass in 5 minutes these boys did on us, they didn’t slow down very much considering they knew we were there.

Poor little Fifi was really upset and confused by it all. The boy was initially confused and then really cross with the naughty boys. I was just monumentally pissed off with their selfishness. They were selfish for being there in the first place, selfish for spoiling the peace and quiet of the woods, selfish for disregarding other peoples safety and selfish for buzzing a family with two small kids twice in quick succession.

I personally wont be going back to Bencroft Wood off of White Stubbs Lane, near Broxbourne because I get the impression this sort of thing happens all the time.