Yes, carnage did ensue

The day hasn’t come yet when I can walk into a branch of Ikea and order a PLINKY* but thanks to the arrival of the SAGOSTEN to review, I’m not too fussed.

The SAGOSTEN is a sort of beanless beanbag for kids. It has an incredibly durable inflatable inner, which for some reason appears to be sold separately to the outer. According to the website the ladybird cover doesn’t appear to be one of many but I assume there will be more along in a minute, like some sort of insectile bus or something.

Not that it matters because our children have officially decreed the SAGOSTEN the best thing in the history of things. It’s currently not being used as something to sit on mind, it’s being used as a sort of mobile scrumming device. You can inflate the ladybird to suit the sitter but in our case I decided my best course of action would be to nearly pass out through manually blowing it up whilst being attacked with Duplo by the kids. Fortunately as the stars began swarming in my vision I reached the point where I had to seal it up.I think it would take an airbed pump but we don’t have one.

little did he know what was in store for him

The SAGOSTEN is like a lot of Ikea stuff in that it’s near indestructible. This has been evidenced time and time again in the last week. I was minding my own business making a sandwich (always a fatal mistake, I should have known better) when the Boy towed Fifi into the kitchen on it the other day, dragging it by its ears (the ladybird, not his sister) and that’s not taking into account the latest and best game which involves putting it about 3ft away from the sofa and belly-flopping onto it. It still looks pristine.

Handily, the zip on the ladybird slip case is pretty childproof. There is no drawstring/tag on it and you can push it into a little recess when it’s zipped up to stop the kids undoing this- a feature which every single cushion maker needs to adopt this very minute.

At a combined price of £23.48, I really can’t fault the SAGOSTEN. It’s so much better than a bean bag and really funky.

*PLINKY doesn’t exist but I think it’s such a great name for an IKEA product it jolly well should.