Review your car and win some cash with Auto Trader

The time when you could turn the telly on and see Chris Goffy extolling the virtues of a Rover estate are long gone and have been replaced by cries of “Power, power, power!!”, as Jeremy Clarkson goes round a corner sideways in a 1,000BHP supercar. It makes for good telly but isn’t very helpful for us mortals who actually want to know about the sort of cars that ordinary people might like to buy. The same goes for 5th Gear on Channel 5 too, which is a shame and leaves a real hole in the market.

Whilst Auto Trader aren’t seeking to fill this hole, there they do have a massive section for readers reviews. We bought ourselves a 2nd hand Vauxhall Zafira a couple of years ago and trawling the experiences of owners was an invaluable resource. Of course if we had been about to spend £350,000 on a hand built sports car, Top Gear might have come into it’s own but we were about £346,000 short so it didn’t really matter.

Of course a readers review section is only as good as the quality of the reviews there, and to boost the quantity and quality of the entries, Auto Trader are running a competition until the end of the month. The ten best reader reviews will win £1,000 each, with the best also getting to hang out for the day with the journalists on that esteemed organ. You can see my entry, under the inspired user name of alexw here.