RIP Chris Rea

NOT Gerry Rafferty

It’s been a funny old Christmas period for the passing of celebrities. We were watching Inception at the weekend when I heard news of Pete Postlewaite shuffling this mortal coil, which was ironic as he played an elderly bed ridden chap who dies for the progression of the story in the film. So yesterday when I found Chris Rea Gerry Rafferty (I always get those two confused, even though they sound nothing alike, so for a bit I even told everyone Chris Rea had popped his clogs) had passed away, again at a relatively early age, I was a bit unsettled.

Christmas is always a time of family but there are so many families that are rocked by a sudden death around Christmas that there is part of me that fears its approach every year. Wifey’s Nan died at Christmas a long time ago and I know it still affects her family. My heart goes out to Jen at the Madhouse, who lost her Mum this Christmas just gone too. I know people die all the time and from my own grand parental experience, it doesn’t necessarily have to happen at Christmas, it just seems more unfair and upsetting when it does. So Pete and Gerry are celebrities who’ve passed away in the last few days but spare a thought for their families and other ordinary families who are starting the new year without a loved one, a new year very different to the one they were expecting.

Yes, I’m in a reflective mood today, can you tell?