Sharing the same interests

The towering inferno pre inferno

The boy is already developing a healthy interest in superheroes, space ships and the like, all of which I’m really pleased about. But he’s also getting massively into Lego, particularly building tall towers. Obviously he only managed to build this one to head height himself, I added to it to take it up to my head height, but over 3 foot high in a 2×2 block required a fair amount of manual dexterity and also was great fun to knock down too!

After we demolished it, we built 4 spaceships out of it that had to spend an hour flying to and from Tracey Island which apparently exists in our kitchen, just in front of the dishwasher.

The boy has had some issues with nursery this week that’s left him frustrated and seen him hit out, metaphorically and physically at people but he is still the same lovely boy who’s pre-school final report said he was a real caring boy who always looked out for other kids and made sure people were okay if they were upset.