A bit of bonding with the football on

oh dear, I think we’ve annoyed them

I’ve just finished watching a rather nice match of football on IT of V. Arsenal beat Barcelona 2-1, not enough really as I’m sure Barca will crush my team in the second leg but it was the nature of watching it that I enjoyed.

After a massive rush with hair cuts and the like, the boy was still awake as the match kicked off. I’ve mentioned in the past that the boy has only a passing interest in footy, and that it’s his little sister that clings to me shouting during Match of the Day. This evening however he grabbed his bunnies, some books, some Lego and snuggled next to me to half watch the first half. To be completely honest, there was more Lego playing than football watching but this was an improvement as he normally demands the television be turned over.

At half time he snuggled down next to me and asked to go to sleep. Even though we were losing one nil at the time, I felt like a winner!