The lads’ coming on at such a rate it’s often difficult to keep up with him. I couldn’t make speech therapy yesterday due to work commitments and was afeared that it would be another sliding off the chair failing to concentrate session that would put a downer on the whole weekend. I got the phone call I was dreading only to hear that he went in all on his own, without me (obviously) or wifey and showed a 60% improvement on testing for progress. Wow!

As his talking is improving, so his his communication and his expression. I was putting some shelves up this afternoon, and I spent longer looking for my sodding power drill than I spent drilling. This is not untypical for me unfortunately.The boy kept on asking me to make some Lego spaceships with him but with all the interruptions and everything, by the time I was finished it was the kids bedtime. The boy got upset and kicked off quite badly- crying, kicking and shouting.

I ended up taking him upstairs in tears and he said “You’re hurting me.” I wasn’t grabbing him hard and said as much, I was just holding him firmly and he replied, “No Dadda, you hurting me with words.” It’s such a reminder that our children remember things so much. I vividly remember things that my parents said to me when I was 7 or 8. My parents don’t and dispute some of the things I remember but I know it’s the truth. With little kids you just don’t know how they’ll interpret something or what they’ll remember and what will shape them.

I regret being sharp with him, I was up until 2.30am the previous night shifting a block in the dishwasher and was more than a little grumpy. If I was that level of grumpy all the time the little lad wouldn’t have noticed but I think I was bucking against his expectations and that’s really what upset him.

Being a dad is tricky at times isn’t it?