Vivid Imagination

Even today and the age of 36 you’ll find me day dreaming or world building. I might be constructing a high fantasy world, with its own system of coherent magic in my head while making breakfast, or pondering over being a superhero in a city that doesn’t have tightly packed buildings as I walk to work. Heck, I’m the man who has even devised his own zombie survival plan on the off chance.

a dragon for daddy

So it’s no real surprise I suppose to see the boy following in my footsteps. While all his little contemporaries at nursery school are dutifully drawing pictures of their houses and family, he’s drawing pictures of aliens, monsters, dragons, spaceships or building houses for tigers.

In fact when the lad wouldn’t go to sleep last night, he didn’t want a story or anything similar. Oh no, he wanted to ask me some questions about superheroes. We started off with where they live and I had to have my wits about me. I wanted to be honest because I’m sure as he grows up he’ll read comics so I had to correct him when he told me Spider-man lives in a house made out of spider webs but as far as the rest goes, I was pretty spot on. I promised him one question and when he tried to ask another (“what superheroes got airplanes?”) I put him off until the morning, not least of all because I could only manage Wonder Woman’s invisible jet and the X-Men’s jet plane. I didn’t really fancy explaining to him why Wonder Woman had an invisible plane, as it doesn’t make much sense to me.

I hope he keeps his imagination and sense of wonder at everything, because it’s quite frankly wonderful to talk to him and see him get so excited about it all at the moment.