Parrot Fashion

This weekend past was a weekend of little note, other than a rather long attendance on my part at the #stalbanstweetup. I got home rather late and was kindly allowed to sleep in rather late (until half past 9!) but I was a little disheveled for the rest of Saturday.

Still a couple of hours of stout gardening in the afternoon sorted me out. I hadn’t really quaffed a tremendous amount of ale but the approach of 4am by the time I clambered into bed had taken it’s toll you see. What I noticed through my bleary eyes on a rather sunny Saturday afternoon was quite amusing though.

You see this weekend Fifi basically followed her brother around, which in itself made a pleasant change from clinging to a parental leg and whining, and basically repeated everything he said and did. When he went for a wee his proved problematic but fortunately I was able to dissuade her before she got her tights down and nappy off.

There’s nothing better post hangover to have an irate almost 4 year old shout, “Naughty Daddy! You get on the naughty step!” only for it to be parroted complete with annoyed hand gestures by a two year old seconds later.

In fact the only piece of original Fifi behaviour during gardening episode were the squeals of terror whenever she spotted a ladybird. Apparently she doesn’t like ladybirds…