My ted: on TwitpicWhen it all gets a bit too much and being a grown up sucks, I dig out my teddy and give it a jolly good cuddle. You can see from the photo that Ted is well loved- Ted was given to me on the day I was born and we were pretty much inseparable until I went to university.

When I went to uni, Ted was too precious to take, so I took Panda instead. He’s now as worn out as Ted is. This past week has been one of those weeks and Ted has had a lot of attention. To cap it all I managed to wrench my shoulder getting the wee lass out of her cot this morning.

Sometimes I just wish it was all as easy as it seemed when I was little but now I’m the person who puts his arm round the shoulders of a little one and says it’s all right, and you know, for them it is, because parents are magical like that when you’re little.

Night all.