…and Trevor Francis track suits from a mush in Shepherds Bush

I never thought I’d be walking out of a funeral service to the closing theme from Only Fools and Horses but it seemed strangely apt.

It was strange to see my brother buried today. Strange because although I met him when I was little I never knew him. He was my mum’s son from her first marriage and here was a whole life told that was completely new and alien to me. He had family and friends, lots and lots of friends. It was a stark contrast to my Granddads funeral- I could have got all the attendees bar the old fella himself into our Zafira.

I feel a traitor to Granddad for being more upset at my unknown brothers funeral today than I was at his but he was in his 90’s, didn’t have a young family and it was probably his time, although we’ll all miss him having said that.

I know it’s daft feeling remorse at the death of someone I didn’t know. He was back in contact with my Mum though and she’s told me of all the plans she had for a big get together this summer. I suppose I’m vicariously sharing the grief of my Mum and his closer family members and mourning the loss of the potential of what could have been.