Maltings Dental Surgery, St Albans

An open letter to the Maltings Dental Surgery, St Albans:

Dear Mrs Claire Taylor (Practice Manager),

Thank you for your receptionists concerns over a chunk of my tooth falling out on a tooth that’s already been filled once. She appeared so concerned, she made an appointment for 8 days time. That leaves me 8 days where I can’t have a hot or cold drink or chew on that side of my mouth. 8 days to wonder if the hole is too close to the gum line and I’ll lose the tooth. Still, on the plus side, this is going to help my diet tremendously.

At best receptionists at doctors and dental surgeries always appear to be some sort of gate keeper, a denier of service, but this is the first properly callous treatment I’ve been on the receiving end of. I’m inordinately impressed with her skills though, being able to diagnose the severity of my ailment over the telephone, despite my protestations to the contrary is truly remarkable. Perhaps some sort of Nobel Prize for science is in order? I have read that the US Government had a remote viewing programme in place in the 1970’s, this was highlighted in the popular George Clooney film, the Men Who Stare at Goats. Your staff seem to have perfected the art of remote dentistry, and for that I must applaud them!

Your website says a lot of things, the word proactive jumps out at me. How is it proactive leaving someone with tooth ache for over a week? Apparently you have a very satisfied customer list built up over the last 13 years. I’m not one of them.

I shall limp on stoically bearing the undoubted agony until you can be bothered to treat me. I wonder if this has anything to do with all my treatments being NHS, rather than private up to this point? Who knows, I’m in too much pain to rationally think about it.

Kind regards,