Other peoples children wouldn’t…

  • attempt to climb into the back of your pyjamas instead of having a nice cuddle when you bring them in with you at 6am;
  • play the standing there and exchanging punches game with their little mates instead of playing nice games;
  • jump out of the bath and run, soaking and naked, to hide under the bed rather than simply look at the ceiling to stop shampoo going in their eyes when they’re having a hair wash;
  • wail at the prospect of eating anything that has a colour. Including but not limited to broccoli, carrots, any sort of salad but strangely excluding tomatoes, whilst still professing terrible all encompassing hunger;
  • get out of bed for up to two hours during the evening and generally run about like a loon but refuse to get out of bed in the morning and just lie there shouting until someone comes and gets you;
  • be anywhere near as loved and treasured as my two are!