Rio Film Review

Sadly Duran Duran in their heyday were unwise to this film called Rio, probably because it wasn’t due to be made for another 25 years or so. Shame really, as it’s one of the more entertaining kids films I’ve seen in a while. It’s from the makers of Ice Age, and there’s something of the humour and attitude that was found in those 3 films here on show in Rio.

Rio is fresh though, one of the few films out at the moment that isn’t part of an ongoing franchise. The story follows Blu, a bird who was bird-napped as a youngster and shipped off from Brazil to America. He’s raised by the lovely human Linda, becoming good friends with her but things start going awry when he’s roped into a breeding programme to save his species back in Brazil. More bird-napping, several chases and a hot pant clad bulldog at carnival pepper what is basically a love story but it’s so bright and colourful, the plot is really incidental (even though it has one).

The 3D isn’t too intrusive but is a bit much for the little under 4’s. Our two managed most of the run time without fiddling with their 3D glasses too much, which to me is indicative of the story and great visuals.

If you get a chance to see Rio over the Easter break, give it a go, it’s got a great heritage and is something fresh too.