Shriek!!! Spider!

I’ve mentioned before how good value Fifi is with creepy crawlies. The other week we were out in the garden pottering around and saw the first few ladybirds of the year out and about. The Boy remembers letting them crawl over his hands last year and jumped right back in to it all. Fifi on the other hand weighed them up and decided to shriek “spider!” at the top of her lungs and burst into tears.

Once I calmed her down the next 10 minutes took an all too predictable path. She ran around the garden, spotting ladybirds, bits of twig and even possibly the occasional actual spider, getting increasingly more hysterical until we had to go in. Good job the boy hadn’t dug out any worms by that point.

I wonder what she would have made of this little critter that I saw on my way home last night….