The 8pm give up

After a full weekend of the boy attempting to give himself a hernia by desperately trying to squeeze a few drops of urine out every ten minutes for a couple of hours after bedtime in some sort of futile attempt to avoid going to bed, we gave up last night.

As soon as the kids were in bed, we went to bed ourselves. This didn’t stop the ambitious lad but we eventually turned out all the lights so he had the choice of haranguing us in the scary darkness or returning to the safety of his still lit room. His room won out eventually but not before another couple of wees, a huge poo and the rather eccentric demand to have a feast delivered to his bedroom. By the point he tucked himself up in his bed though, he was probably the last person awake in the house.

We’re not forcing him to bed particularly early but I think he has come to a secret arrangement with his sister. He takes the late shift, and she takes the early one. between them, the can sometimes manage to leave us child-free for a mere 7 hours a day and I like more than 7 hours kip a night…