And Lo! It had the ring of truth to it.

hiding behind masks cos we’re shy

Today was another birthday party and this one proffered the chance for both kids to hang on to our legs for hours on end as we know the parents and we were all invited. As it turned out, we didn’t know anyone else there whatsoever, aside from the birthday boy and his family.

We were able to prise him away from my leg long enough for him to plaintively wail, “I’m just shy”, before he reattached. Typically by going home time he was warmed up and it was only the proffered party bag that convinced him to leave.

This has happened a lot recently, so much so the boy now has his sister doing the same thing, Eventually they’ll rip the pocket off my trousers with all the hanging on behind me. Then I’ll need them to cower behind me so I don’t expose my pants through the rent in my trousers.