Failing at life, one day at a time

I’m going through a phase of feeling a bit rubbish at the moment. I don’t know why, I occasionally get these phases. I’ve felt like this since the couple of funerals I went to last month but don’t think they’ve really got anything to do with it.

My attempts at stewed rhubarb

When I feel a bit rubbish, I get a major attack of apathy and lose all confidence to make decisions or do stuff properly. It’s a vicous circle of crapulence that I have to painstaking dig myself out of.

The litany of failure for the last week is longer than our weekly foodshopping receipt and reads like this:

  • Forgot to put the recycling out this morning. Had to come back after dropping Fifi off at childminders to do it.
  • Neglected to take any money to Kimpton fun run to watch my brothers attempts to win it, meaning as a family we had 20p between us. Kimpton has no cash points.
  • Forgot that I’d put my rhubarb on to stew, came back to a carbonised mess of blackness.
  • Didn’t realise that curtain rings also need plastic attach-y things to go in the curtain itself
  • Generally got in the way and not shown any initiative at anything.

I’ve even been reminded constantly that I’ve got the dentist today and let’s be honest, no one will be surprised if I miss the appointment. I know roughly where the dentists is but not exactly (I’m off to register at a new practice), so I should look up the location on a map but I’m struggling really hard to even do that.