Fluffy pink princess things in the world of la la

I know that Fifi is a little girl, partly because she’s pretty, pretty loud and also completely fails to have a willy, despite her best efforts to have one like her brothers for weeing purposes (this is an irritant to her). I suppose the fact her volume control goes up to 11 and she’s always pre-emptive on the thwacking front, coupled with her love of violence masquerading as slapstick, has on occasion stopped her seemly quite as girly as she has the potential to be.

Well the potential has now been realised with a spot of decoration and a new bed and some nice new pyjamas. The room is the same colour as it used to be but is now trimmed with girly accoutrements in the shape of a pink border with matching curtains and matching bedset on her nice new bed. Chuck in some butterfly (pink) wallstickers and you get the picture.

The bedtime routine is now extremely girly. There is a story in our bed and then she’s tucked and snuggled in her bed by her mummy. I have to go in and give her two cuddles, and say good night. She looks so sweet and adorable snuggled up in bed I can almost forgive the naughtiness (she’s been picking at the border already you know). It’s the kind of cuteness that makes you all protective as a Dad, willing to rip someones head off and punch the stump if they mess with her and break her heart. Metaphorically of course.

night night