Over tired

As we’re on holiday I’ve been staying up a bit later for holiday fun*. I also did a day trip back home to go to work for the day, which has lead to the current situation wherein I am over tired. Fifi is definitely over tired. She spent most of yesterday’s trip to Titchwell RSPB reserve tantruming and shouting. I’m sure there wasn’t as much as a wood pigeon left in the area by the time she’d calmed down since she only calmed down when the motion of the car sent her to sleep and we’d left by that point.

So it was with unmitigated joy that I gazed blearily at the clock this morning when Fifi started her loud complaining to see it was 5.28am. And so the circle continues. Another day of holiday that we’ll all wish we had earplugs with us to combat the exhausted two year old who is always up at the crack of dawn and is usually cranky by lunchtime.

Today though we have the added bonus of the boy waking up at 7 when he was up making a fuss two hours past his bedtime last night. When I said I was surprised to see him so early, he burst into tears.

Today is going to be a long, long day.

*I went down the pub at 10pm last night for a pint from the micro brewery and to read a chapter of my book. I am so rock and roll it’s scary.