Post holiday fug

slightly windy

We had a fun if slightly windswept holiday in Norfolk last week but now we’re back to reality and that means for me, back to work. The kids both went off to the childminder with a spring in their step and the prospect of a trip to the splash park in the air. A few quiet words were said along the lines of “I’ll miss you” but that was it really.

Work started off with a trip to Oxford for a client close down meeting, which was a change as I tend to be mostly office based. This meant leaving from Paddington station but more importantly meant navigating out of Paddington on my way home. You see, I’d arrived at Paddington by taxi and hadn’t realised finding the Hammersmith & City line was akin to finding the correct platform for the Hogwarts Express. The Circle and District line platforms are closed at Paddington and the Bakerloo line didn’t really take me where I wanted to go. A cheerful voice over the tannoy told me that service on the Bakerloo and Hammersmith & City lines was great. I couldn’t find the Hammersmith & City line. It wasn’t hanging out with the other tube lines. Unsociable or what?!

There were no signs pointing to it and I sort of trudged around the station for twenty minutes forlornly until a lull in commuters revealed a coloured line on the floor that lead me the length of platform 9, up a flight of stairs, along a walk way and down to the Hammersmith & City line. Obvious! This coupled with some aggravation on the Thameslink line (improbable I know) meant I didn’t get home until about 7.30 in the evening, despite leaving the client in Oxford at ten past 3.

Next time I’m driving.