Seaside alert!

The holiday weather might not be as awesome as it was last year when we had to come back home with the chicken pox but it hasn’t stopped us going on the beach. True, we had to leave Titchwell a bit earlier than  I would have liked yesterday but this was due to the wind more than anything. Wifey was in serious danger of getting buried in our beach tent at one point.

Incoming! Man the anti aircraft battery!

Our favourite beach activity this year so far has been digging deep holes and filing them with sea shells. There has been additional squeaking when the odd dead crab has been found. If there are more than a couple of legs, the squeaking turns into full on screaming with some excitable running around.

We also did some kit flying but that was preceded by some of the worlds most epic kit crashing. On our honeymoon we bought a special stunt kit. The special stunt it does is lift off to about 20ft in the air, spin madly round, and then crash with an earth shuddering thump into the ground. I was optimistic I’d be able to get it working. It was unfounded, so we brought out the Buzz Lightyear kite which flew awesomely.

Still, when the wind got too much, we relocated to Hunstanton and then had a rummage round the rock pools. We also did some ace beach art, which the boy was enormously pleased with his large monster which started off as a castle, morphed into a prison and eventually became a beastie of some sort.

If your child can climb over them, you’re not safe

The great thing about Hunstanton is the beach has seas defences which make perfect seats after a day small child excitement. And when that small child excitement starts at 5.28am, you need some nice sitting down and a continuous stream of hot tea.

The only downside really is that I’m in a sort of technological blackhole. O2’s reception in West and North coastal Norfolk is pretty much non existent so wifey is spotting me on the rare occasions that half a bar appears completely neglecting the children and downloading a few emails or posting 30 tweets. Neither of them have shrugged their clothes off and charged into the sea in these brief moments of connectivity. Needless to say, hundreds of other people are wandering around using their phones quite happily on other networks.