Working up an appetite

get your coat, you’ve pulled

When we’re on holiday the kids tend to go a bit mad in terms of running around like loons. On occasion this might even make the the wee lass sleep in longer. Only on occasion though, it’s only 9 o’clock now and she’s been up for 3 hours already.

Yesterday was a day of jumping in muddy puddles. A Peppa Pig tribute day if you will but the day before saw us at the Holkham Country Show. Show was appropriate because there was a fair amount of showing off going on from both the boy and Fifi. They wanted to spend the entire time there on the bouncy castle but at £1.50 each for 5 minutes, that was never going to happen!

After a day at the country show, we strolled down from our cottage to the Jolly Sailors pub for a spot of dinner. It’s got it’s own microbrewery, which was recently relocated to Swaffam due to space restrictions but also has a really great menu. AND a play ground. Needless to say the boy made friends with a bigger girl. Mini Lothario!

So I was standing outside with a pint of Oyster Catcher whilst the kids ran wild. Which was great.