A song for you dear reader

In celebration that there’s only a few days left to vote for me in the best Dad blog competition in the 2011 Gurgle Awards, I thought I’d record a song to implore you to vote for me.

Before you hit the play button, I’d warn you I can’t play a musical instrument or indeed sing but that sort of thing has never put me off. Big up to the Boy for lending me his ukulele, not that I gave him much of a choice mind you.

Voting buttons on the right, or you can click here. Watch and enjoy ;)

Praise for Daddacool’s first musical number:
@daddacool you are mental. HTH. (pmsl at the vid)” Nickie72, AKA Typecast
“There are singers and there are songwriters… and then there’s @daddacool. He’s mental. And very, very funny.” Bodfortea
“I wee’d myself a bit! You nut! I thought I was a fruitcake! Check out this video of @daddacool then vote for him, I did! Too funny!” Mediocre Mum