Packing, the lad way…

I am in the process of packing for my Shell V Power Network of Champions trip to the Belgium GP at Spa. (You can follow the fun on twitter here, unless you’re Sam Burnett and then you can follow the fun and feel a little bit like you’re missing out).

The most important part of the packing is making sure I have all the correct gadgets and gizmo’s packed. I’m sure I’ll remember my clothes and if not, well at least I’ll be wearing some.

So far I’ve made the following list:

  • iPhone & cable
  • External battery pack for iPhone
  • Netbook, charger and spare battery
  • Flip Ultra HD
  • Samsung camcorder
  • Sony e-reader
  • Sansa Clip+ MP3 player
  • Archos 605 multi-media player
  • Samsung point & click camera
  • Canon DSLR
  • Snowflake portable microphone (want to do some audio boo’s)
  • 3 Mifi

I would point out that with the exception of the netbook, everything else on that list is two years old or older. I don’t buy stuff when it comes out, I tend to wait until it’s about to be replaced and then get a bargain. Plus, the DSLR was a present from a mate for doing best man duties and the camcorders were freebies. The thing that’s missing is a HP Touchpad though, thanks to all the greedy scalpers that bought half a dozen each to ebay, I wasn’t able to bag myself a bargain.

I’m currently toying with whether I should charge up my PSP and take that with me.

The last time I went through customs, on my way out of Italy, they spent 15 minutes going through my hand luggage looking at all the consumer electronics. I evidently only have myself to blame…