The Smurfs Dance Party on Wii- review

I was recently invited to a Smurftastic event but unfortunately couldn’t make it. As consolation I was very kindly sent The Smurfs Dance Party on Wii to have some fun with. The Smurfs Dance Party makes a definite change from the norm when it comes to film tie ins. Normally they’re woeful 3D adventure games but in this instance Ubisoft have decided to put the Smurfs into their Dance Party franchise.

What this means is a game introduced by Papa Smurf, with clips from the film interspersed throughout and lots of dancing with the Smufs (and Gargamel the wizard) leading the way. If you’ve ever played any of the Dance Party games you’ll have the general idea. There is actually a Dance Party Juniors game that we’ve got too and that the kids have enjoyed but the Smurfs Dance party is on another level. Its probably the funky animated characters, coupled with the film characters featuring in Happy Meals at the moment but the game kept half a dozen kids entertained for literally hours.

Pappa Smurf is a funky geriatric