A discussion on witchcraft

you’ve got a lot to answer for boys

The boy likes Tom and Jerry. The boy likes Winnie the Witch and Meg & Mog. There was a new animated film out recently called Tom & Jerry meet the Wizard of Oz. Ding! A match made in heaven!

Well apparently not. After seeing the Tom & Jerry film at the weekend, the boy decided to mull it over for a few days before coming to the conclusion that witches were now definitely very scary. So scary in fact that he can no longer counternance going to sleep in his own bedroom for fear of some sort of Witch intervention.

I had a long discussion about witches with the boy last night, lying on his bed and trying not to fall asleep with his arms clutched round my neck in mild terror. Yes, witches do exist, although maybe not quite in the waving a magic wand and shouting Abracadabra sort of way that Winnie does, but no, they’re not going to hunt you down and eat you. Witchcraft is too engrained into too many cultures for me to lie to the boy and tell him there are no such things as witches you see. He certainly knows his onions anyway, witches are prevalent in jungles, Norfolk and quite possibly St Albans too.

I explained that when we had our double glazing done 5 years ago we paid a little extra to have a ten year witch-proof coating put on that meant any witch would just bounce off the window if she came sniffing around at night for small boys to eat. This seemed to do the trick and I was able to go downstairs and eat the lovingly handcrafted piri piri chicken my wife had made.

Seemed turned out to be the operative word though as when I went upstairs later on, I found him asleep in our bed, with 4 bunnies, a toy dog and a teddy bear.

(this isn’t a sponsored post, I bought the damn film myself!)