A spot of “‘wimming” and some spiders (eek!)

The start of the boys first term at reception has come, and not a moment too soon either. I think both him and wifey were getting fed up with the long summer holidays. The start of term also means the resumption of the swimming lessons that the children caught the last 3 of before school broke for the holidays.

These classes aren’t cheap, we had to write a cheque for £168 for the term for both kids but they do have an advantage on the lessons I previously took the boy to. They take kids from 2, so Fifi can join in and so far, touch wood) the pool hasn’t suffered a failure that saw around one in 3 of the previous places lessons cancelled.

We had the usual “fun” getting there, the Boy had to be bodily dragged from the house wailing about wanting to stay at home and so on, whilst Fifi spent the whole trip there telling him off and saying he wouldn’t get the inducement of McDonalds for lunch if he didn’t buck his ideas up. I had to tuck him under one arm to get him changed into his trunks and wifey informs me that she was trying to talk to the teacher pool side while I was changing the kids but couldn’t hear what the teacher was saying over the boys shrieks.

Still, he sat mostly still while I went in with all the other dad’s for the toddler lesson. Fifi had a great big grin plastered over her chops for the whole lesson. She even managed to swim unaided (by me, she had armbands and a woggle on) at the end. The pool is warm, almost bath warm, which is good for kids. I don’t know if it’s possible to sweat in the water but while I was in with Fifi, it felt like I was. The only bit of drama was caused by a big spider floating past. I picked it out and flung it to the pool side before too much drama could ensue. It dried out and climbed the walls…

Wifey got Fifi changed and as I went to put the boy in the pool with his teacher, I saw a woman appear to whack a child in the face. The woman was almost hysterical, a large black spider had dropped off the roof onto the girls face. Fortunately her mum brushed it off before the girl noticed but flipping heck!

We watched the boy frown his way through a swimming lesson but at least he took part and did what he was told to, which was something. As soon as he was out the demands for McDonalds started, and it was only 10am! As we were getting changed, the third and final spider incident happened- I went to pick his shoes up and had to shake a big black house spider off them! Yuck, I’m itching as I write this, I hate spiders.

So there you have it, spider appreciation lessons for free with swimming.