Is naked voyeurism normal?

So there are naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson out there. I’ve not searched for the uncensored ones, she’s scantily clad in most films she’s in and frankly, do I really need to see a nipple? I’m married and have theoretical access to nipples other than my on, if not on demand, then pretty regularly.

This might be my bottom. I don’t remember it
 being taken but it is in our online photo storage.
 I’m not an exhibitionist!

Ms Johansson is pretty well know as a party animal and apparently is sexually active enough to regularly get herself tested for all sorts of STD’s but the appearance of these photo’s, along with the threat of other celebs having nudie pictures of themselves exposed in public did set me wondering whether it was a form of exhibitionism that was perculiar to celebs or if everyone in the street has stashes of homemade porn and naked photos of their girlfriend/wife laying about.

My enormously unscientific poll of blokes I know revealed quite a few either have “friends”, or “friends of a friend” (wink wink) who have snaps of their (ex) girlfriend, usually on their phone.

I’m no Victorian type prude, as the photo to the right shows but I was more than a little bit shocked. I respect my lovely lady wife enough to not want naked pictures of her about, in any sort of format that could be found or stolen. It’s not that wifey isn’t completely and utterly gorgeous of course but I think it’s about respect. Am I wrong?