Putting the knife in

I’ve been a bit busy recently and haven’t spent much quality time with the children. By quality, I mean not i) telling them off; ii) bathing them; iii) getting cross in the middle of the night when they wake me up with screams of “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaddy”.

I’ve spent most of the last three weekends doing DIY, I’ve re-guttered the back of the house and done a fair amount of shed-work. What I haven’t spent the last three weeks doing is playing with the kids. This has caused a fair bit of resentment with both the boy and the wee lass. The boy has followed me around dogmatically demanding I play football with him and Fifi has been crying and demanding cuddles when I’m 3 metres up a ladder. It’s made the DIY a lot slower for sure.


Still, yesterday I had a free morning so I decided to take the kids to softplay and win myself some brownie points. We did have to start the day with a trip to the health centre for Fifi’s two and a half year check but soon the two of them we’re running around like loonies. I even managed to supply them with a Fruit Shoot AND a chocolate bar.

So when I put the wee lass into her PJ’s last night and asked her if she had a nice day, I’d say I was pretty crushed when she replied, “No, you go to work tomorrow, I play with Mummy instead.”