Shell V-Power Quiz- £250 fuel voucher up for grabs!

Shell V-Power Quiz
Those lovely people at Shell have given me a £250 Shell fuel voucher for one lucky reader. Given that I read a survey only yesterday that said parents are willing drive up to 200 miles each week for their children’s after-school activities whilst at the same time having to make cut back due to the significant rise in motoring costs, I reckon you’d have to be earning around £15,000 an hour to make it not worth your time spending a minute entering this competition.

There are 3 multiple choice questions, a spot the Ferrari contest really. All the cars are in the official Ferrari Museum in Maranello. If you get a bit stuck, you might find browsing their website helpful.

If you want to find out a bit more about Shell and Ferrari, you could do worse than read one of my thoughtful and insightful blog posts on the subject:

But in the mean time I’m sure you’re eager to win win win, so without further ado, the 3 questions are below. Competition closes at midday on 10th October, multiple entries will be entirely disqualified, and last of all, good luck!


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