So what did you do today?

It’s always interesting to grill our two about what they’ve been up to. It’s as illuminating as it is baffling. Illuminating in as much as it gives an interesting insight in to what they find interesting and memorable.

Our discussions usually start with me saying something along the lines of “Hello children, what did you get up to today?”

This is mostly met with proclamations of “Not anyfink” and “Don’t remember.” It’s obvious that they’re not giving anything away for nothing. It requires a bit more subtle probing. I tend to turn it into a competition: “Quick, who can tell me first what they did today?”

Even so, this doesn’t always work, as the now legendary (in our household at any rate) school news letter showed. A tedious week at pre-school had passed for the boy, a lot of “not anyfinks” had been uttered under cross examination, when the school newsletter landed in our inbox. The news letter was full of pictures of a local building firms trip to the school to show the children all their diggers. That’s right, in the centre of every photo was the boy in his fluffy coat, staring lovingly at all the bright yellow scoops on the end of the bright yellow machines. He was a huge Bob the Builder fan at the time, just to add insult to injury too.

Faced with this sort of situation, I did what every self respecting Dad would do, I gave up before they rubbed my nose in it even more.