Domestic Goddess in Training

baked by Fifi

Fifi is only two and three quarters now but there are some things she loves doing that her older brother wouldn’t be seen dead doing. Cooking ,and baking specifically, is one of those things. It’s not a gender thing though, simply the fact that i) the boy doesn’t like getting his fingers sticky and ii) he’d much rather be watching the telly or playing with his toys.

Obviously wifey does the measuring out of the ingredients and some of the finer points of the icing but the rest is very much Fifi’s own work, and by and large the results are yummy too. I think it’s good for her to have an interest that isn’t the same as the boys, not least because he’s 21 months older and tends to be better at her because of this. It’s great to see the pride she has in doing something well that she doesn’t have to compare to her big brother.

It’s not something I’d feel comfortable with either as I’m rather rubbish at mucky activities, it must be where the boy gets it from! Seeing Fifi and her Mummy baking in the kitchen, chatting away while they make stuff is one of the cutest things ever though. I hope she doesn’t lose her interest in it either, I wasn’t encouraged to help at home in that sort of way and it wasn’t until home economics at school that I actually did any cooking.

Lets face it though, when your little girl has this much fun doing something, how can you not love scoffing the resultant baking?

mixing brownies

PINK! icing

showing the boy how it’s done