I could walk 5(hundred) miles

I did something today that would have had a number of people looking at me like I was some sort of looney. I had a course on assertiveness over in Hatfield. For those of you who either don’t know or more likely don’t care, Hatfield is about 5 miles from St Albans. Rather than getting the bus or driving, I decided to walk it. They day was clement, my feet my own and I was up nice and early.

I like walking and it’s one of the pleasures I have now days in my own company. Going for a walk with the kids is a bit different, there is always peril round every corner. The peril ranges from dog poos, to roads, conkers, spiders, the opportunity for spiders or just the very real threat of tired legs. Whilst walks with the kids can be fun, they’re seldom what I’d call relaxing in any way shape manner or form.

So I set off at around 7am with a spring in my step and a whistle on my lips and must say I felt as good about myself when I arrived and hour and a half later. Google Maps tells me it was 6.6 miles and I won’t argue as the cycleway signs were a little disingenuous. At one point they told me I had 2.5 miles to go on two separate occasions that were 15 minutes apart.

It was good to get home in the evening and see the family though as it seemed as if I had been away for some considerable time!