Why I wont be putting a “poppy twibbon” on my twitter avatar this 11 November

I’ve always been a supporter of the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal to support Remembrance Day. My grandparents generation where the ones that fought in the second world war and some of the stories I’ve heard are astonishing. But I wont be twiddling with my twitter avatar as a sign of respect, personally I think there’s a danger that such displays of armchair activism achieve might not anything other than a warm glow for the person doing them. They’re fine in addition to doing something positive, I’m sure most people with one have donated to, and I wouldn’t judge a single person who’s twibboned themself, but they offer an easy way out and I don’t personally feel comfortable with it.

Whether it’s these twibbon activities, or the endless Facebook petitions for causes, or requests to repost this or do that, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important with any cause that’s promulgated online. Remember the dead with reverence, care for the living and remember the Royal British Legion spend nearly £1.4 million each week carrying out our work among the serving and ex-Service community. Observe the silence but do remember the living- stuff those collection boxes with all you can afford or visit the Royal British Legions website, and make a donation online. Cheers.