Wanting to go to Butlins just a little too much

…and keep ’em coming

As the boy sat at the Bar Rosso’s at Butlins Bognor Regis getting another refill of his kids cocktail, I thought about how much he and his little sister love the place. We’ve only been a few times now and most of them have been for blogging events- the launch of the Ocean Hotel, the MAD awards, or this time, the Tots100 Christmas Party but Butlins is now one of his most favourite holiday destinations.

He loves the soft play, the rides, the disco lifts, and the splash pool the best. Although given his cocktail loving, perhaps a reordering of priorities will occur.

Anyway, I didn’t quite realise how much he desperately wanted to come to Butlins until we got home. Yes, we’d had the usual tears when it was time to leave but after his bath and bedtime story in our bed, the full depth of his dedication came clear. Beside his bed, and in it and to be honest over much of it, was a huge puddle of sick. Dried and welded on sick that took a spatula to scrape off and a good half hour with the carpet shampoo’er to shift the smell of. I’m currently washing both the duvets, the throw, the bottom sheet, the mattress protector, and the waterproof undersheet. How he didn’t get any on his PJ’s or his bunny’s is beyond me but it may explain why a lad who normally sleeps until 8am crept into our room at 5.50am on Saturday morning and then rushed to get himself dressed later on.

Cross examination between bleaching everything in sight has confirmed my suspicions; he was worried we’d cancel the trip so dragged himself around pretending to be okay so we’d still go to Butlins. I must admit we thought he looked a bit pale on Saturday but put that down to a late night and an early start. He even said he might have a nap when we got to Bognor, which didn’t materialise but was unlike him anyway.

He had a lovely time though, as did the rest of us, and I can genuinely say hand on heart that for once I definitely wasn’t glad to get home!