Winter vomiting bug- the TMI post

If you are of a squeamish disposition, I suggest stopping now and maybe clicking this link instead. Carry on and you’ll find my unexpurgated thoughts on a family of four with the winter vomiting virus this past week. You have been warned.  

As I said on twitter the other day, “New definition of violently sick: too much to come out of just your mouth at that speed, both nostrils decide to lend a hand. *horp*“. And it doesn’t get more unexpurgated than that does it? Yes we’ve had our annual run in with winter vomiting and this year it’s hit all of us, starting with wifey, progressing to me and then on to poor old Fifi who was sick over 10 times during the course of Saturday night. In between all of that of course was the comedy moment I missed where the boy apparently projectile vomited over wifey who was in turn sick. Again.

I never remember getting winter vomiting when I was a kid, perhaps I did and just blotted it out of my memory, along with Gobots. Remember them? I certainly don’t. It’s a fact of life now though, and every winter we dread the period where we’ll all puke our guts up endlessly. I’ve written about it before actually, in October 2009, January 2010 and it only gets worse when there are more of you believe me. My favourite titled post is The Vomit Marathon has Begun. Crumbs, you’d think I was obsessed with it wouldn’t you?

Well perhaps you’d be obsessed with it if you had a night with 5 changes of bedding, 4 hair washes, and 12 sicks, ending up with a bile/mucus mixture that your littlest couldn’t keep down even if there was nothing left to come up. The poor mite was clinging to me shaking until about 5.30 in the morning when she finally nodded off.

I was already a bit preoccupied with it all before Fifi kicked off though to be honest. I went from feeling fine to feeling not fine in about 20 minutes and an hour later I was so violently sick I cramped both my legs and pulled a muscle in my chest. I also used my nose in a way hope it never gets misused again. I’m sure it’s a psychological thing but I swear I can still faintly smell the sick.

I remember reading on twitter last week someone had overheard a mum saying she’d had a great day ice skating because she’d effectively sent her (literally) sick child to school instead of cancelling her trip and taking some parental responsibility. Perhaps that’s why we’re all sicker than we used to be when I was a nipper. I dunno it’s just a thought, and a sick one at that.