And it’s a happy birthday to Fifi

It’s difficult to have a birthday right after Christmas, I should know, mine is the day before Fifi’s! Of course I’ve had 34 more than she has, so I’ve got a bit more used to them now. We had to think hard what to get her for her birthday, or rather what to hold back from the huge stash we had wrapped for Christmas.

I think in the end though Fifi was more excited and concerned about the day being hers rather than what she got in terms of pressies. For the record, we got her a bike and a few bits of pink tat that girls seem to love. I must say, her initial attempts at cycling were very funny, she only managed to peddle a half revolution with one foot, and then she’d peddle backwards and do it all over again. I had a bizarre mental image of Fifi with one massively overdeveloped leg, riding round and round in circles.

I know that we spoil Fifi slightly though and I know this because I visited 4 supermarkets in an attempt to get her a Peppa Pig birthday cake.

So happy birthday Fifi!