Change, feed, change, burp, rinse* and repeat

The routine of having a newborn is fairly mechanic. They squint myopically at you in the moments when they aren’t crying due to wind/soiled nappy/lack of milk/general crankiness and have a tendency to go to sleep on you when you’ve got something to do. In short, babies are wonderful and each of ours have been a blessing in their own way.

What does get tired very quickly is the monotony of the routine though. Feeding littlest is great fun but it’s not such great fun at 2am, especially when it takes half an hour or so to wind the little mite. It is different with three though, a night time scream-athon is punctuated by the appearance of the boy, bitterly complaining that littlest has woken him up. I think this is a bit rich because before the baby was born, the boy promised solemnly to get up at night and look after him. He might be only 4 but he’s reneged on his side of the deal and a mark has been placed in the book… 

Seriously though, the first few weeks are pretty much rinse and repeat in terms of routine, with an emphasis on the rinsing if the baby does what we term a “poo-nami”. If it sounds like I’m moaning, I’m not really, it’s great having another little one around the house after 3 years since the last one was born. I’m loving every darn minute of it.

*the clothes, not the baby, babies are certainly not for rinsing.