Helping out with the bedtime routine

When it comes to washing the kids hair, we usually mark when it’s done on the calendar so we can have some sort of celebration the following year to commemorate a momentous occasion. Yes, it happens that infrequently.

In fact, since the infamous 5 hair washing in a night/vomit marathon incident way back in December, Fifi doesn’t greet me with a cheery “Hello” when I walk through the door, she greets with with a loud, “But I don’t want a shower today.” For the record, that night was the only time ever in her 3 year existence I used the shower on her. It obviously left a deep impression.

The kids tend to have a bath every other night, and they’ve got quite cunning about it and often try to plant nasty surprises for the other one. For example, the other night whilst Fifi was having her pre bath wee (unlike swimming lessons, where our kids are the only ones to never get out of the pool for a wee, or need a wee afterwards, I insist at home they don’t do it in the bath), M’laddo sidled up to me and whispered in my ear that perhaps I should give Fifi a hair wash AND a shower tonight. He may have whispered but it was a subject that young Fifi is particularly attuned to and before I could formulate an answer she was off the toilet, out the room and hiding under her bed. She’s quick when she wants to be, like when a chocolate biscuit is on offer.

Still, I managed to coax her out with extravagant promises of no hair washing (I lied) and no showers (the truth) and soon enough she’d been bathed and so had the boy. Neither of them like the hair dryer but by the end of it, Fifi was drying not just her own hair, but the boys as well.

Mission accomplished then, where’s the calendar?