Our littlest

I’ve not had an enormous amount of time with our newest baby, Danger, (it’s his middle name dontcha know) since he came along. Well, that’s a lie, I’ve had plenty of time with him nocturnally. But that’s not particularly relaxing, especially as the majority of my concentration is spent on not falling over or falling asleep with him on my lap. It happened once and I’m happy to say nothing disastrous happened.

When I was off on a weeks paternity leave, I spent a lot of my time looking after our elder two kids and wifey. I’m glad to say I did get some time with the littlest lad when he was a proper newborn but I spent just as much time playing Lego and feigning interest in Dora the Explorer.

I’ve definitely changed my fair share of nappies and have also fed the wee man a lot too. Unfortunately most weekends this year have been filled with finishing off our bathroom. We had the suite changed just before the new year and have had to tile, skirt and paint the whole room. I’ve put in twenty odd hours this weekend and we’re nearly there. So I’m looking forward to many more moments like the one in the photograph, where mini me is sleeping peacefully on my chest.