Things that go bump in the night

it’s even spooky outside dammit

We’re all a little sleep deprived at the moment so it’s probably nothing. At least we’re hoping it’s probably nothing but some spooky things have been going in our house recently. In the dead of night I’ve been sure I’ve heard either Fifi or the boy calling for me but when I’ve got to their room they’ve both been fast asleep. It could be they’ve called out in their sleep but for the fact the boy is now refusing to go upstairs on his own because of the children who talk but aren’t there.

The idea of ghosts is a bit unsettling but the notion is fairly prevalent in most societies and even gets time in the Bible, where Saul stupidly gets the Witch of Endor (without a Ewok in sight either) to summon the ghost of the Prophet Samuel. Samuel is proper pissed off with Saul for being hoiked out of his eternal slumber too. And of course at 2 o’clock in the morning, these things seem a lot more real than they do in the light of day.

It’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened to our family either:

  • in our old house we regularly thought someone was standing at the foot of our bed. The sensation wasn’t malevolent but we both felt it. Wifey kindly made me swap sides of the bed with her so I got to be next to our nocturnal visitor. Thanks.
  • At my brothers wedding, in the old Prison in St Albans (now the registry office I would hasten to add), Fifi spent 5 minutes kneeling backwards on her chair, smiling, waving and listening to someone who simply wasn’t there. It’s not as if the service was either over long or boring, it wasn’t and my brother made us all chuckle by saying, “oh go on then” instead of “I do”
  • Both wifey and the boy have seen an insubstantial elderly man standing in the corner of our living room on separate occasions. 
  • I’ve seen the reflection in the patio windows of someone running behind the sofa when there’s been nobody around who could have possibly been there.
We should have probably taken it as a sign of some sort when we stripped the wallpaper off when we moved in 5 and a half years ago to find the walls in every room had psalms and Bible verses written over them.
Fortunately as we’re not in America, it seems unlikely the house is built on an old Indian burial ground, but there is an Iron Age ditch going through the front lawn…
So what would you do, other than call me bonkers?