Those unexpected little gifts that your kids just keep on giving

It’s not all “me me me” with our kids. At the ages of just turned three and 5 in April respectively, Fifi and the boy could be forgiven for being rather self centred. Yesterday though reminded me that kids can give and give until you’d rather they just stopped the whole giving thing.

It started off with the boy who was rather reluctant to have his bath because his bottom was a bit sore. Turns out it was a bit sore because he hadn’t wiped his bottom quite as well as he should have. This meant that about 3 minutes into his nice warm bath, about half a dozen little brown snowflakes were floating in the bath water. “Help! They’re getting near me!” he squealed, as I tried (unsuccessfully) to fish them out with a baby wipe. It’s been a long time since Fifi was either young enough or relaxed enough by a warm bath to do a full on poo in there, so this came as a bit of a culture shock.

here’s comes disease!

Still, perhaps encouraged by her brothers display of giving, Fifi wanted to join in herself. As she lent in to give me her usual goodnight kiss (a moist full on smacker on the tip of my nose, very cute I must admit), she sneezed violently. I have to say this is the only time someone has ever managed to sneeze up my nose, as well as into my eyes and mouth.

It makes the 360 degree wrap around poo that Danger did in the middle of the night seem almost like an after thought. Kids eh? Generous to a fault. Or should that be generous, with faults?